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Bulk order different faces

Bulk Order Custom Figurines With Discounted Wholesale Price:
Custom figurines bulk orders with best quality and lower price - WowMiniMe is a professional custom cake toppers / custom figurines global provider, we made more than 8000+ custom figurines since 2007, we can head to toe fully customized any custom figurines from photo provided as requested.

2. Bulk Custom Figurines For Different Persons:
Custom Figurines Bulk Order For Different Persons ( on the same base or on different base ), for example, for family group, team member...
This custom figurines bulk order 100% (from head to toe, clothing..) made from your own photos and instructions, every custom figurines is 100%
handmade with fine polymer clay.

No matter what kinds of bulk order you want, we will provide you the best price, top handicraft and service. Please include the following information and Contact Us for details:
1, Do you want your bobbleheads all different or the same?
2, How many bobbleheads do you want?
3, When do you need it in hand?
4, Which city deliver to?


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